Case Studies

This Work Package is sub-divided into case study unit on:


  • Kosovo     (click to be redirected)
  • DRC     (click to be redirected)
  • Afghanistan     (click to be redirected)


Each one of the three is comprised of representatives of each thematic cluster and of one or two local researchers. Local researchers will be chosen on the basis of previous collaboration experience with partner institutions.

The direct involvement of local researchers is a crucial aspect of the planned research in the field. Local researchers will be contracted as fellow researchers directly by the partner institutions leading each case study and will conduct research in the field over the period of six months. They will be involved in all stages of empirical research – from elaborating the research plan and adopting the project methodology to the specific context under study, to gathering and systematizing the empirical material. In order to ensure the overall theoretical and methodological coherence of the research, a strong emphasis will be put on direct and regular communication between local researchers and project partners. This will be ensured not only through regular e-mail and telephone contacts but also through direct meetings in the field.