Thematic Research

months: 9 - 25


On the basis of the theoretical framework elaborated in the first stage, the research will move toward exploring concretely the phenomenon of multi-stakeholder partnerships in the four thematic clusters that have been identified - using the human security approach as a yardstick in the selection of relevant areas - as crucial in post-conflict reconstruction:


  • security;
  • social and economic development;
  • democracy, good governance and rule of law;
  • confidence building, reconciliation and inter-communal bridge-building.


The analysis in these areas will be crossed with the exploration of the concrete examples of multi-stakeholder partnerships in Kosovo, Democratic Republic of Congo and Afghanistan. At this point, researchers will also refine both the research questions and the methodological tools in consideration of the specificities of each context.

This second stage will last from month 9 to month 23 and, as in the previous stage, has been structured in two work packages, WP 4 and WP 5. In spite of the fact that the work packages have been designed once more as independent and separated boxes, they are strictly interconnected, being the case studies instrumental in developing the thematic researches (the temporal organization will also serve this purpose). The linkages among thematic clusters and case studies units are ensured by the fact that the case studies units will be comprised of representatives of each thematic cluster. Then, each representative will be in charge of feeding into the corresponding case study unit the research questions agreed upon in the thematic cluster.