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The case study unit on Kosovo will establish a direct collaboration with the University of Pristina. This contact will be facilitated by the previous collaboration experience between the partners in the case study unit and the University, including its rector Prof. Dr. Enver Hasani, and the Human Rights Center of the University. The primary objectives of the Centre are to contribute to and promote the study of human rights, and to foster the cause of human rights in the region. In order to achieve these goals the Centre promotes and conducts research activities in the field of human rights at national and international level; provides advisory services to governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations on human rights issues. It promotes and is engaged in human rights research activities, teaching in the field of human rights at all educational levels. The Human Rights Centre organizes courses and other forms of training in human rights at the national and international level and cooperates with similar centers, institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations and other human rights bodies.