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The case study unit on Afghanistan is led by the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in partnership with the Center for Policy and Human Development (CPHD) at Kabul University.
Building on the success of Afghanistan’s first National Human Development Report (NHDR) 2004, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Kabul University (on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan) have signed an agreement and established the Center for Policy and Human Development (CPHD) at Kabul University.
The core objective of CPHD is to support long-term capacity for research, advocacy and teaching on Human Development in Afghanistan. CPHD proposes Human Development Policy recommendations for Afghanistan through its policy dialogues to build national capacity to formulate and influence people-oriented strategies and solutions.
In addition, CPHD embodies the belief that producing the National Human Development Reports and supporting the capacity building of public institutions in Afghanistan in the areas of research and policy making will effectively contribute to the stated objectives of Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
CPHD is committed to enrich data at the national level, including methodology for data analysis; influence UNDP programme/project formulation and policy support; and to serve as a platform for Action.
The Center for Policy and Human Development is mandated to work on the following main components:
- Provision of Policy Support to Kabul University
- Preparation of Afghanistan National Human Development Reports
- Capacity Building and Scholarly Exchange Programmes
For more information on CPHD, please contact us on the following:
Visit us at:
Ms. Khwaga Kakar
Project Coordinator
Mob No. 0093 (0) 708 81 59 71
Mr. Habibullah Wahidi
Deputy Project Coordinator
Mob No. 0093 (0) 707 19 42 72
Office Address:
Kabul University,
Jamal Mena, Kabul, Afghanistan