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Views from WP4b Coordination Meeting - Amsterdam

On April 2 and 3, 2009 the Coordination Meeting of the Multipart thematic Work Package 4 on socio-economic development was held in Amsterdam, organised and hosted by the Coordinating Institution for WP4b, the University of Amsterdam.
The Coordination Meeting, which all four thematic WP4 teams have organised/ are organising in March/April 2009, has been thought as an occasion for coordinating the work of the Multipart researchers working on the thematic aspects of the project core research on post-conflict. As the research is now being developed simultaneously by four thematic groups made of researchers from the 11 partner Institutions, coordination meetings are of paramount importance, not only for ensuring coherence within each thematic group but also for monitoring that research in all four areas develop along the Project theoretical and methodological tracks identified in the first stage of the research.
In particular, the WP4b coordination meeting fully met the expectations of the team members (researchers from University of Amsterdam, Scuola Sant’Anna and London School of Economics). Under the valuable guidance of the UvA team, inputs from team members have been discussed and enriched with other participants insights and eventually composed in a research plan that has been truly perceived by all as being both in line with Multipart research objectives and an original synthesis of all members scientific contributions. The lovely atmosphere of a very welcoming and unexpectedly sunny Amsterdam completed the remarkable picture.